About Us


The Penstone Hong Kong Limited and the Penstone Group of companies have expertise in civil engineering works such as foundation works, bridge construction, house building, harbour and hydropower station construction. In addition, our companies are also committed to other infrastructure development and investment.

In addition, the group has strong strategic links with a network of illustrious partnerships, which provide a comprehensive range of foundation and civil engineering services to meet every clients’ needs worldwide.

The Penstone Group has a strong reputation for dedication, performance and service quality both at home and abroad. Backed by a team of experienced and committed civil engineering professionals, the Penstone Group is well positioned to achieve its vision of becoming a global leader as a foundation and civil engineering specialist.

Penstone’s Major Areas Of Expertise

Foundation Engineering

  • Land DCM & Marine DCM
  • DJM
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Rapid Impact Compaction
  • Vibro Compaction
  • Vibro Stone Column & Stone Compaction Pile
  • PVD & Marine PVD
  • Diaphragm Wall
  • Grouting Works
  • Pilling Engineering

Structure Engineering

  • Bridge Construction
  • Prestressing Work
  • Launching Grider System
  • Industrial and Civil Buildings Construction

Other Civil Engineering

  • Hydropower Station Engineering
  • Water Conservancy Engineering
  • Tunnelling Work
  • Earthwork
  • Geotechnical Works
  • Marine Works
  • Ground Investigation

Infrastructure Development and Investment

  • General Municipal Facility
  • General Real Estate Development Project
  • General Utility Facilities


Our Vision

We aim to leverage on our technology and expertise to deliver excellence to our clients and emerge a global leader in our industry.

Our Mission

In pursuit of long-term client satisfaction, we aim to:

  • to deliver high quality and competency
  • to practice professionalism
  • to ensure total reliability
  • to exceed our clients’ expectations


Times are changing.


Projects in the field of civil engineering are becoming increasingly complex and their success relies more and more on the ingenuity of a professional and experienced team.


The present age of high technology and rapid development demands highly specialised methods in building and construction. As such, traditional ways of handling civil engineering projects are becoming increasingly inadequate as multidisciplinary cooperation becomes vital for survival.


To remain competitive and relevant in a changing world, committed professionals in the industry should ask themselves: what is needed to maintain expertise and technological superiority?


The Penstone Group, firmly grounded in professional engineering constantly yet constantly keeping a visionary eye on trends and directions, has the answers.


We have carved a niche of specialised engineering know-how as our core business, crossing the boundaries of nations and countries and positioning the global market as our stage. Our roots are in Singapore, but we endeavour to plant seeds of growth in different regions and countries around the world.


When you work with the Penstone Group, you are assured of a dedicated, talented and skilled team with the opportunity to tap into a pool of abundant first class resources, spanning several areas of proficiency in the world of civil engineering.


The Penstone Group is well positioned to ride the next wave of achievement by creating multi-party, win-win situations with our partners. We provide innovative solutions and first class service by harnessing the best professional and technological resources in the world.

We aim to develop the Penstone Group into a global leader in civil engineering, sharing the fruits of our labour with our employees, clients and !dig* society along the way. We have successfully embarked on this endeavour, .4 and invite you to be a part of our success.

Dr. Peng Fang


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018


The Breakwater, Reclamation and Phase I Servicing Infrastructure Works of Colombo Port City Development Project, in which Penstone company was involved, won the Luban Award for Oversea Projects for 2020-2021.

Penstone company was awarded the excellent partner of CHEC during 2018.

Penstone company was awarded the excellent subcontractor of CHEC during 2019.